Survival Stores on CD for Mac (includes shipping & Handling)
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Survival Stores is an inventory management application for your Mac or Windows computer that can help you manage anything from a 3-day food supply to multiple years of food and equipment for a large family. Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have what you need to deal with a disaster? How would you know? These are the kind of questions that Survival Stores was designed to help you answer. Each of us, whether we know it or not are disaster planners. We make mental note of things we should buy and knowledge we should acquire. We worry about how we will take care of our families if serious emergencies should occur. But just thinking about such events and actually doing some planning and preparation are worlds apart. Now there is a tool that helps you actually act on all of the good advice that is offered by so many organizations.
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Survival Stores on CD for Mac (includes shipping & Handling)

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